RAMCC Stamp Corporate Carbon Footprint, an alternative for companies B.


Sistema B aims to create a new economy where success is measured by the well-being of individuals, societies and nature. Its mission is to build favorable ecosystems for a market that solves both social and environmental problems. Since its creation in 2012, there are more than 500 B Companies in the region that demonstrate it is possible to realize this vision in business even from the agreements of the shareholders themselves.

The climate crisis requires urgent action and that is why Movement B has declared the Climate Emergency in the framework of the + B 2019 meeting held in Mendoza last September. This meeting had as one of its main objectives to carry out the commitment of Carbon Neutrality 2030, being a fundamental axis to reduce the emissions of Greenhouse Gases emitted by the companies.

In this context, the RAMCC Corporate Carbon Footprint Stamp was proposed as one of the alternatives to face from the group of entrepreneurs B, this possible and necessary commitment.

The RAMCC Corporate Carbon Footprint Stamp is a tool and distinctive for the measurement and management of GHGs emitted by companies, based on the most recognized international protocols and standards. In addition, it is an innovative Stamp because it proposes that 50% of the service funds be invested in projects of mitigation and / or adaptation to climate change that generate a triple environmental, social and economic impact.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti