Triquim Laboratory joins the RAMCC Seal of Corporative Carbon Footprint.


As a result of their high quality standards, stringent regulation, operational excellence, and price competitiveness, Triquim has become established in the most demanding international markets.

On the basis of the alliance established between the RAMCC and the company "Seamos Bosques", Triquim has joined the increasing effort and involvement from the private sector to tackle the urgent topic of Climate Change, taking the first step with the elaboration of their greenhouse gas inventory to get the RAMCC Seal of Corporative Carbon Footprint.

Then, the laboratory will work together with "Seamos Bosques" on an action plan to compensate the inventoried greenhouse gases.

The RAMCC Seal of Corporative Carbon Footprint is a management tool to set targets, strategies, and actions to reduce or compensate the GHG emissions. Also, to increase company efficiency and to disclose and enhance its eco-friendly commitment to policies against climate change, both internally and externally.

For more detailed information on how to obtain the Seal, please visit the RAMCC's website, or email

Translator: Javier Rodríguez