The mayor of Rosario, Mónica Fein, represented the RAMCC in a Webinar of the International Urban Cooperation of the European Union.


The International Urban Cooperation, financed by the European Union (EU), invited the mayor Mónica Fein to participate as speaker in the Online Seminar of the IUC LAC about the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. This event took place on October 31st, from 11 am to 12:30 pm, and it was live broadcasted.

The seminar is one of the activities that the European Union does in Latin American and Caribe in support of actions of local governments in topics like Sustainable Urban Development and the fight against Climate Change.

With the objective of training and spreading the GCoM in Latin America and Caribe, in the webinars were addressed topics related to the stages and activities needed so as cities members of the Covenant could reach their established goals, fighting against climate change.

Among the issues were the requirements for GCoM, governance, identification of goals, evaluation and planification of adaptative and mitigative policies, financing of climate action. In this edition, details of the financing of climate action were discussed, and some of the speakers were Florian Steinberg, of IUC LAC, who commented about the different sources of financing that exist; Itzel Alcérreca, of GIZ, and Cristiana Frágola from the Global Secretary of GCoM, who shared some tools to make these projects affordable.

Apart from the technical presentations, with the objective of bringing local realities into discussion, in each edition a signatory city is invited to present its experience. Paths, expectations and motivations are part of each presentation. For this last edition, the case study was the Municipality of Rosario, whose presentation revolved around the potential that networking has to access financing. The specific case presented was the RAMCC Trust and the joint projects that through RAMCC are being presented to accomplish a decentralized financing.

The content of this webinar, as well as the precedented ones, can be downloaded here:

Translator: Camila Vicente