The electric scooters updated to San Isidro


Thanks to the sustainable mobility promoted by the municipality, the rental scooters arrived in San Isidro. It will be the first municipality in the Province in which the Grin company disembarks with its scooters, after the successful experience in CABA and other cities in Latin America.

According to the information of the Ministry of Inspection and Transit of the Municipality, in the first stage there will be 60 scooters distributed in shops, cafes and restaurants of the different locations of the Party.

"Grin raised the possibility of putting this service in San Isidro and after a feasibility study we added to this trend that in addition to collaborating to mitigate the environmental impact produced by private cars, it allows fuel savings," said the assistant from San Isidro, Gustavo Posse.

The general director of Grin for Argentina, Iván Amelong, said: “We see that San Isidro has a lot of potential for micromobility. The electric scooter comes as a clean, efficient and fun transportation alternative that integrates with the existing transportation system. It is designed for short trips, of approximately 10 minutes, and it means for the users a new mobility option that contribute to the sustainable development of cities”.

This Saturday, the company and the municipality put together a test drive track, in which a practical class on scooters and road safety was given, in Alvear and the river, in Martínez. The neighbors learned about the use of the helmet, places to drive, and other safe driving tools.

“The electric scooters are agile, comfortable and are used in the main cities of the world to make short trips (between 1 and 4 kilometers) and connect with public transport. In some cases, the scooters will replace cars, decongesting traffic in the district and also helping to emit less polluting gases into the environment. We continue in the construction of a sustainable San Isidro”, said the Undersecretary of Public Space, Leandro Martín.

After conducting the test drive, Alberto Torres commented: “It is an innovative proposal that will allow us to move quickly in short points. And also, it will decompress traffic in San Isidro. Electric scooters are easy to use, I recommend them to everyone.”

“I think it's great, it's a comfortable and recreational transportation alternative. I will take advantage of it to go to work during the week. Hopefully other districts replicate this idea of San Isidro”, completed Hernán Solís, who also encouraged to try the scooters.

About electric scooters

- How to use them:

To use the scooter, it is necessary to download an application on the cell phone, create a personal account and associate it with a credit card to pay for the service. Then, at the stations, the code will be scanned on the scooter to unlock and use it. The user must push twice to advance. Both feet will be placed on the scooter and it will circulate on the bike path or on the right side of the street, always respecting the pedestrian. The scooter should be left at a Grin Station, without blocking the crosswalk. The trip will end in the App.

- Cost

Unlocking costs 15 pesos. Then, for every minute of use $ 8 will be charged. A 10-minute trip, for example, will cost $ 95. The trip calculation will be done at the moment and will be charged on the registered credit card.

- Places where they are

The Grin Stations can be shops, cafes or restaurants. There are currently more than 60 stations in San Isidro, located in shops, cafes and restaurants. When activating the grin app, the stations are identified within the map

- Rules of use

Helmet must be worn on a mandatory basis and it will be circulated by bicycle paths, or if there is not, on the right side of the street, never on the sidewalk. Only one person per scooter will be allowed and the user must be over 16 years old. At night the light should turn on. Both hands will be used to drive around the same direction of the street.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti