Local meeting of young people against climate change in San Miguel


On September, 28th a meeting of young people against Climate Change was held in the University of Flores (UFLO), organized by the Directorate-General for Environment and Industry run by Santiago Piaggio.

Topics like global climate change, national mitigation policies, and climate planning methods for the cities were presented in this stage of citizen engagement.

Then, the 35 participants were divided into 4 working groups: urban biodiversity, urban development, energy, and waste, so as to consider the issues that can be found in their cities and think about solutions. The workshops were coordinated by officers of the Department of Planning, Department of Human Development, and the Department of Woodland.
Young people from the Climate Community and Nadia Mengucci from the Executive Secretary of the RAMCC took part in this activity.

Translator: Ailén Serrano Iglesias