Recycling of electronic waste in San Isidro: New room and digital literacy in Martínez


With the objective of advancing in the care of the environment and in technological inclusion, promoting digital education, the Municipality of San Isidro delivered recycled computers to the Secondary Level Education Center (CENS) 452 located in Fleming and Edison, Martínez, within the facilities of Provincial School No. 14.

The mayor Gustavo Posse approached the place to tour the new room, equipped with machines that were made with the material gathered in the days of electronic waste collection organized by the Municipality with the Equidad Foundation.

“Adult education is a fundamental tool that allows the system to adapt to the person. Due to different circumstances, many people cannot attend primary and secondary school when they are young, so here they are given a very good chance to finish their studies. This is also accompanied by digital literacy, essential today for all areas, ”said Posse.

The new digital space was created after authorities of the educational establishment talked with the Leones Club of Martínez, who contacted the Municipality to allow the entrance of the recycled computers and also bought liters of paint to paint the room (activity carried out by the young people of the network Tomá La Voz). A ceremony flag was also delivered to the CENS.

"It is always important to work as a team between the Municipality and NGOs to seek social progress, and in this case also that the community see the result of their donations of electronic equipment in the collection days that are organized," said Oscar Collado, member from the Leones Club of Martínez.

“For us it was very necessary to have new computers because we all know that they are a basic tool for them to work in the future. We are very grateful to the Municipality, ”concluded Gladys Abelleira, director of CENS 452.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti