Godoy Cruz will replace 20.000 home lamps with led.


The neighbors of more than 10.000 particular homes from Godoy Cruz are changing their spotlights and traditional lamps - halogen and incandescent – for led lamps. It is an initiative of the commune, which started some days ago and pretends to give continuity to a policy that was implemented some year ago: to abandon the traditional light bulbs and change them for those of led, which last longer and pollute less.

Once this action is completed - baptized as "Godoy Cruz Ilumina" – the Godoy Cruz neighbors will have 20.000 ecological lamps, since they are giving two per house. “The goal is to pint to family savings, since led lamps have less cost and last longer. Although the traditional light bulbs aren´t longer sold, there is many people who still have them”, highlighted the Human Development and Habitat Director of the commune, Pedro San Martín. The initiative will last this month.

Many of the neighbors are delivering two burnt light bulbs – ideal situation, in the words of San Martin – although there are other neighbors who are delivering two old light bulb which still work to change them for those of led. “The idea is that they use them on the dining room, living room or places where the light is on for a longer time”. The old light bulbs that are delivered to the commune aren´t disposed between the traditional waste; they have a special treatment, since they are polluting.

“They are delivering between 400 and 500 per day. And, unlike other times when a fixed place was put for people to go and change them; this time the exchange is domiciliary and is done in areas that have already been identified and by worksheets, it is already known who the recipient is,”said San Martín, who stressed that emphasis is being placed on the west and east of the department.

As specified by the municipality, all these actions are part of the “Godoy Cruz Carbon Neutral 2030” program, which seeks to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions equivalent; thus reducing greenhouse gases, promoting environmental care and providing actions that achieve the global objective of not exceeding 2 degrees of temperature with respect to pre-industrial values.

Led lamps, in contrast to halogen lamps, save 82% of the cost of lighting within the electricity bill. This percentage represents the saving of electricity consumption with respect to halogen lamps of any power. It is avoided to emit for each of these lamps 34.54 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent to the year. Led lighting provides a much better light type than halogen.

Translator: Nair Corey