Climate Finance learning session was held at Rosario Stock Exchange.


To share new opportunities with the participants, the session contained tools to learn about the requirements that climate finance projects have to meet in order to succeed.

The event was attended by the mayor of Rosario Mónica Fein, the Executive Director of RAMCC Ricardo Bertolino, and the rector of UCEL Daniel Coria. Its main audience consisted of professionals, employees of financial entities, professors, students of related careers and interested public in general.

"This is an honour for UCEL to share this event that unites all those people that were interested in climate change for many years. We hope to acquire tools that would help us advance towards the real solution to problems, beyond the known diagnoses", Coria stated.

The executive director of RAMCC, Ricardo Bertolino, highlighted the work executed by the first Latin America network that brings together 209 municipalities of Argentina that work from the local point of view in the field of climate change.

Finally, the mayor Mónica Fein underlined: "the cities are determined to inhabit the territory in a different manner. At local governments, we have been working with public policies to consume less energy, learn to save resources and give importance to the financing necessary to achieve these goals."

Within the related subject of funding mechanisms, "Capital Markets and green finance: global, regional and local landscape" and "The role of banks and other actors of the financial sector" were presented by Pablo Cortínez.

Later, Delfina Lopez Feijido, Deputy General Manager of Finance in the headquarters of Banco Nacion Argentina, addressed "Financing on the national level". To conclude, the director of the firm Hernan Spoto made a presentation on the practical cases of climate finance in his project SIDERSA .

Translator: Victoria Yuzova