RAMCC was present at the Regional Week of Climate.


The meeting counted with the support of the Government of Brazil, and it was co-organized by United Nations Climate Change, the Marrakech Alliance for the World Climate Action, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the UNEP DTU Association, the World Bank Group (WB), the Latin American Organization of Energy (Olade), the CAF-Bank of Development of Latin America, and the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

Debora Domina, and Nicolás Caravaca, from the Executive Secretary, had the opportunity to share the RAMCC experiences at the “South American Cities towards the COP25” panel, which was organized by ICLEI and C40. Representatives of national networks of Peru, Brazil, Chile participated in the mentioned panel. These representatives presented the activities performed and the local challenges under a Latin American vision towards the COP25 which will be celebrated in December in Chile.

RAMCC joined the #6D campaign boosted by Avina.

The global movement invites people, organizations, NGO’s, governments and companies around the world to join the biggest chain of simultaneous climate actions in the history, on Friday 6th of December, in the framework of COP25. That day, in every country that joins the campaign, particular actions to face the climate crisis will be performed.

During the meeting in Salvador of Bahia in the Regional Week of Climate, members of the Executive Secretary of the network, jointly with Engajamundo which is a youth organization with national presence in Brazil, shared proposals to involve the citizens.

Panel about infrastructure, cities and local action.

The presentation was in charge of Tabarré Curras, Leader of WWF and it started with an introduction of Mr. Raúl Salazar, Chief of UNDRR Regional office of the Americas and the Caribbean, presenting some incidents of the climate effects in different regions.


- Lisa Morris Julian, mayor of Arima, Trinidad y Tobago.

- Fernanda Hassem, mayor of Brasileia, Brazil.

- Gustavo Londoño, Coordinator od the Climate Change of Aburra Valley, Colombia.

- DéboraDómina, Administrative Coordinator of RAMCC.

- Renata Sene, mayor of Francisco Morato, Brazil.

- Sergio Bergman, Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development, Argentina.

- Felipe Faria, CEO of Green Building Council, Brazil.

During the talk, experiences about mitigation, vulnerability and paths towards resilience were exhibited.

Translator: Valeria Calvas