The global energy elite gather today in Berlin to discuss progress and chart new direction in the ongoing global transition to renewable energy. The two-day Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue – towards a global Energiewende brings together energy policy experts and representatives of politics, industry and civil society to shape new energy policy and drive future progress.

Costa Rica is running without having to burn a single fossil fuel, and it's been doing so for 75 straight days. Thanks to some heavy rainfall this year, Costa Rica's hydropower plants alone are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country.

The program "San José sustentable" (in English: sustainable San Jose) communicates to the neighbors within the area where the separate waste collection system is applied, about the changes on the schedule of circulation of the garbage trunk from March 16th, throughout brochures and door-to-door information.

On the morning of February 10th, a truck from the Environmental Direction of Villa Elisa Municipality left to Colón (Province of Entre Rios), to carry out a new delivery of used vegetable oil to the ADCASIS (Colón City Association for the Care of the Disable). This was the first delivery of the year, and 840 liters of vegetable oil were delivered to the Colón's institution.

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization confirmed that global warming will cause devastating weather patterns and increasing temperatures which will last into the foreseeable future.

Lunes, 09 Febrero 2015 04:50

LCAAP– Local Climate Change Action Plan

As a consequence of the climate change, serious impacts at a global level in the next few decades are to be expected. These impacts may include the influence of extreme weather events (droughts, floods), the disruption of natural systems, the decrease of agricultural and forestry production on wide areas, an increase in vector-borne diseases, etc.

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