What normally comes to mind when thinking about the nexus between energy, water and climate change? Probably things like energy-efficient water pumps, solar panels for water purification, or methane recovery in wastewater treatment plants - all routinely discussed in conferences and seminars around the world, and featured in the scientific literature grappling with climate change mitigation and water scarcity issues.

The program "Un sol para tu techo" (A Sun for your roof), developed by the provincial government of Santa Fe, gives access to Solar powered Water Heaters (SWH) through soft loans, especially aimed to areas out of reach by the gas network.

The Argentinian Network of Municipalities against Climate Change has been selected to receive the Head Of Mission Found of the New Zealand Embassy. The Found will be aimed to develop a green concept sewage treatment facility, developed in the City of Totoras.

Nicolas Lopez from the Bureau of Tourism in Carhué, presented the first sustainable seaside eco-resort in the province of Buenos Aires in the town of Adolfo Alsina.

Brussels leaders will meet on Monday to discuss strategy for raising global climate ambition ahead of UN talks. The EU's climate and foreign policy chiefs are planning a diplomatic blitz over the next three months to try and regain the bloc's mantle as a global green leader.

39,1% to be precise, which is a new world record. Denmark is well on track to reach its 2020 target of 50% wind power in electricity consumption.

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