Urban Solid Waste Rebound

Problem Description:

Resistencia city collects 320 tons of waste each day approximately, of which, 106 tons consist of dry solid residues (DSR), which do not count with an accurate final disposal due to the featureless residential collection and the unnecessary increase of the local landfill (which is about to collapse).

A proportion of those DSR are found scattered in public places creating the so-called “mini-landfills” with the damaging environmental consequences  that also block the drainages and sewers from Resistencia, which carry consequences such as floods, sources of infections, foul smell, etc.

This project rose after analyzing the situation meticulously, in pursuit of  reaching efficient solutions and a meaningful contribution to the city environment.  The size of the future construction and the quantities to be processed will not completely cover the generated waste, but it is the beginning of an integrated and progressive solution to this major problem.

General Objective:

Creating a collection centre of DSR in Resistencia to process DSR by collecting those residues classifying and separating them from the beginning (private homes, shops and various establishments with different characteristics).

To reach this goal, it will be necessary to modify the schedules and specific days to this type of DSR. By doing so, there will be citizens in the future with good environmental habits and more committed with their surrounding environment.

Resolution Strategy:

It is important to note that since the beginning, the municipality from Resistencia has implemented measures aimed at reducing waste scattered in public places and also placed in the municipal dump “María Zara”.

A clear example of this is the execution of the urban hygiene plan, with compressing trucks and a “6-frequency” system, which consist of collecting waste 2 times a day and 6 days a week.

It is worth stressing the participation of the neighbours in the control and monitoring of such actions by their claims through specific telephone lines or by letters that they take to the municipality.


Requested Amount: ARS$2,914,000

Municipal Contributions: ARS$ 41,700,000

Total Amount:  ARS$ 44,614,000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Sofia Degraf