Tire reuse, recycling and disposal


Tire disposal represents a worldwide problem. So far, they have been buried. This brings about two further problems: they occupy a large amount of space in the sanitary landfills and it takes them a long time to decompose (600 years.)

Moreover, their inadequate disposal in public areas generates a favorable habitat for rodents and dengue carrier mosquitoes proliferation, among other risky vectors.

Tires are frequently set on fire to prevent frost on crops, but this pollutes the environment and causes health problems. As to roadway safety, the use of expired tires increases the probability road accidents.

It is estimated that in our country more than 100,000 tons of tires are discarded per year.

According to the information provided by tire sellers: 50,000 tires are sold each year in Malabrigo and nearby cities.

General Aim:

We suggest working on TIRE RECYCLING together with manufacturers, sellers, refurbisher, and Public Entities to develop an integrated administration model of out-of-use tires.

Project outline:

• Environmental protection and organization of the territory to contribute with a sustainable development.

• Decentralization of the state to have more access to services, devices, administration and participation of the area.

• Addition of new technologies.

• Improvement of territorial competitiveness, boost and security for regional production, support for entrepreneurs, and encouragement of innovative processes related to productive diversification through

the promotion of a sustained and sustainable growth.

• Strengthening and boost of regional economies, agroindustry and the addition of value.

Solving Strategy:

The City Hall of Malabrigo has a 3 ha. land where the City Hall is planning to install an environmental compound to recycle all the waste that has already been sorted in the city of Malabrigo.

In 2016 a recording was signed with 5 other nearby cities to create GIRSU [Comprehensive Municipal Solid Waste Management]. The waste will be taken to a disposal centre located in Vera city.
Garbage compacting trucks collect general and sorted out waste every day. However, the disposal of the tires still represents a problem without any short term solution at sight.

This project proposes that the tires should be reduced to occupy less space.

By purchasing the tire shredding machine, we will be able to reduce the volume of tires and to offer the tire shredding service to other nearby cities in the future.

During the first stage of the process, our aim is to reduce the tires.

If we accomplish this objective, we will be able to satisfy the community need of getting rid of old tires. Given that nowadays, people do not know what to do or where to take them.

In our country, there are not many manufacturers of these machines, only representatives of foreigner manufacturing companies.

The following annex presents a set-up model that could be adjusted to our potential tire reduction plant, located next to the waste recovery and recycling plant.


Requested amount: $

Contribution of the Town Hall: $

Total: $

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: María Paula Domínguez