A nursery with sparks of the sun

Problem description:

Sources of non-renewable energy, which in some time will cease to exist, have a combustion that produces CO2 emissions, resulting in the so-called greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to limit their use and replace those energies with others, called clean. They are those energies obtained from sources that are regenerated at a faster rate than its consumption. As examples, we can mention the following: solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind, biomass, hydraulic, geothermal, biogas and biofuels.

General objective:

This project is intended to achieve as a general objective the implementation of a photovoltaic system in the inclusive nursery of Centeno and in three rural schools. People with special needs are the ones who attend the nursery. The specific objectives that will enhance the value of this project are the following: to provide the community wide dissemination of the role of renewable energies against climate change, to articulate activities among students in rural schools and the inclusive nursery attendees and to promote such environmentally friendly facilities in the region.

Resolution strategy:

This project will start with the installation of a photovoltaic system in the inclusive nursery which will be able to provide electricity to the nursery that currently does not have this service. The previously-mentioned system includes solar modules – those who capture the sun's energy and transform it into electric power –, the inverter – which converts the electrical energy generated to compatible energy in order to give it to the network – and finally, the electrical protection – that brings protection to both the people and the electrical installation. Then, this installation will be replicated in three rural schools in Centeno, some of which have no access to the electricity network and, in general, they turn to the use of generators.  Attendees to the inclusive nursery will be responsible for transmitting to students the advantages and benefits that renewable energy sources provide for our environment.  After this stage, a talk is expected to be performed in the inclusive nursery for the community to demonstrate how the photovoltaic system works and to raise environmental awareness about the use of renewable energies. 


Amount Requested: $ 370.000

Contributions Town Hall:: $ 40.000

Total amount: $ 410.000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net