1 MW Plant for Photovoltaic Energy Generation

Description of the issue:

The increase in energy consumption in the last years due to the progress in industry and services sectors is growing noticeably. Photovoltaic solar energy, as a renewable source, arises as an alternative that is respectful towards the environment. Moreover, the impact of the generation process of said energy is virtually non-existent, without emissions to the atmosphere nor noises.

In accordance with the GGs Inventory, more than 60% of the emissions in Godoy Cruz are originated in the Energy Area.

General aim:

Within the framework of the policies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change currently managed by the Municipality of Godoy Cruz, the aim is to promote the use of photovoltaic solar energy, since Mendoza has adequate climate and geographical conditions.

The purpose is to project a 1 MW solar plant, scalable to 8 MW, to be built on non-irrigated soil that cannot be taken advantage of for other uses or are not protected by zoning with special protection. The aim is to supply the municipal public light.

This plant could supply with renewable energy 10% of the energy currently consumed in the public light in the District of Godoy Cruz, with a projection to 100%.
Another possibility is to generate energy supplies for future real estate entrepreneurships near the setting-up location.

Resolution strategy:

• To file the bases for the “Study and Design of a 1 MW Plant for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation, with Connection to the Electric Network of Distribution”.

• To define all the necessary technical characteristics which allow the definition of the infrastructure for the establishment of the photovoltaic with connection to the network, with a fixed structure of 1 nominal MW of installed power.

• Among others, to describe the location where the plant id to be set up, the characteristics and safety conditions of the photovoltaic plant, the necessary blueprints for an adequate description of the plant, as well as a study of financial, safety and health viability.

The facilities defined in this project are located in lands dependant from the Municipality of Godoy Cruz.


Amount requested: ARS 24,568,500

Contribution from the Municipality: ARS 6,217,800

Total Amount: ARS 30,786,300

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas