Solar Recharging Towers for the Neighbors in Godoy Cruz

Description of the issue:

One of the alternatives to reduce the effects of climate change is to develop the use of solar power by means of the installation of solar panels and collectors so as to reduce the consumption of conventional power.

One of the benefits of implementing clean energies is that these are inexhaustible, efficient and improve the security in the network, because the production of clean energy from the sun allows an important economic saving due to its being a continuous and unlimited source of production that does not imply any additional costs of use or

The production of solar power does not produce noise pollution, which is an important aspect to be taken into account for the installation in urban areas. On the other hand, it does not generate waste, since no maintenance is required and the panels have a long working life. Also, they are designed to withstand natural hazards in Mendoza, such as heavy rain, hail and Zonda wind.

General aim:

Under the policies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change currently managed by the Municipality of Godoy Cruz, the aim is to promote the use of photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, sin Mendoza has adequate geographical and climate conditions.

The aim is to install, in public spaces and as a free service, 10 Solar Recharging Towers to charge mobile devices, electric bicycles, and Electric Vehicles, as well as to supply hot water for human consumption. (Today there are 3 Towers installed.)

Resolution strategy:

The installation of this kind of devices in different green lungs of the city appears within the municipal strategy that seeks to make the positive effects of the use of alternative energies as to environmental care, energetic efficiency and economic saving visible.

The strategic location of these devices together with an adequate dissemination of the benefits that it entails are key elements to make the population see the importance of starting to change the ways to use the energy in order to achieve a more efficient and responsible use the energy.


Amount requested: ARS 1,460,000

Contribution from the Municipality: ARS 510,000

Total Amount: ARS 1,970,000


Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas