Youth, Citizenship and the New Environmental Culture, Green Space Los Chañaritos

Description of the issue:

The Project intends to incorporate young people to recreational, educational and environmental activities, thereby involving different generations of citizenship in the preservation of the environmental and archaeological heritage of public space Los Chañaritos (5.4 ha). Ordinance 3556/2015.

It is an area that has a varied native biodiversity, and it is located in city’s urban center. The area shows elements of the prestige of the Comechingones, who were long ago the inhabitants of these lands. This creates a high archaeological interest, and among the mentioned elements can be found mortars in excellent state.

Currently, few replicas of the native forest can be found in the city, which is what causes the need to preserve this area, since in the province of Córdoba only 3% is left of our forest.

General aim:

To fulfill the guidelines established by the ordinance that consecrates Los Chañaritos as a green space, involving all citizenship in the participation of the activities to be carried out in relation to tasks of ecological restoration, festive environmental events, and hikes through interpretative trails with students from primary schools so as to learn about the importance of preserving the native forest in the city.

Resolution strategy:

Taking into consideration that the culture of the communities is an essential element in the development processes and that said processes are a historical and collective construction, a social inclusion mechanism for the delimitation of public spaces, its recreational and educational activities, as well as activities for the preservation and active promotion of use of public spaces in the city.

The workshops are though as dynamic collective work spaces where the construction of knowledge will be the fundamental tool of the project.

The workshops for the assessment and follow-up of the project will be carried out with the participation of technical support staff of other local institutions, since the municipality is a party to agreements with provincial entities such as CEPROCOR (Center of Excellence in Processes and Products of Córdoba) in the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of the Province of Córdoba and with the Faculty of Tourism and Environment of Universidad Provincial de Córdoba, in which students of the undergraduate course of Park Ranger will carry out their internships.


Amount requested: ARS 200,000

Contribution from the Municipality: ARS 100,000

Total Amount: ARS 300,000


Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas