Eolic Park (wind farm) in Venado Tuerto City

Brief description of the Project:

The present project consists on the building of a high power Eolic park for which the selection of the emplacement, generative plant, civil work, electric work and technical and economic studio ought to be determined.

The viability of the Project will be guaranteed by attending different profitability criteria – turbines of regulatory legal framework-.

The electricity produced by the wind turbine is gathered, measured and prepared for its distribution by electrical companies.

These companies buy the energy, giving their customers cleaner energy.

Renewable energies are endless, clean and can be self-managed not only because they can be used in the same place they are produced but also they can be added to the network.

It will be a very meaningful work for the city, not only because it will allow diversification of our energetic matrix and decrease the dependence towards petroleum, but also we will be preserving the environment.

The project includes the study of the installation site, technical planning (resource measurement, approval process, network connection) study and financial planning, construction (foundation buildings, roads and related works, civil and electric works, assembly and installation of turbines) operation (operation and service of Eolic Park).


Amount requested: $ 196.700.000

Municipality: $ 300.000

Total amount: $ 197.000.000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net