Solar thermal energy in new social dwelling plans

Breif description of the project:

The advantages of the solar energy as a source of alternative energy have been demonstrated so, employing all its advantages to the dwellings of the new construction –especially if they belong to the social area– would be beneficial.

The initiative sets that every house is expected to have its own solar energy collector to obtain sanitary hot water to cook, to wash or take a shower. This solar thermal system carries the solar heat through pipes, heating the water inside the piping, a process called “thermosyphon” which raises its temperature. This water is stored in tanks like a thermos to be consumed when the tap is opened.

This system provides between 70% and 80% of the hot water needs during the whole year.

We elaborated the Project of application and implementation of Solar Thermal Energy in Social Dwellings to help low-income families, handicapped people and families in a vulnerable social state.

The idea is to set the bases for a future plan to promote this technology, to improve economic, social and technological conditions and for the community to generate part of the energy that it spends with the use of solar thermal technology.

Making a center of production and marketing of these teams would help improve the sustained local development and improve the life quality of the users of this technology.


Amount requested: $ 1.000.000

Municipality: $ 320.000

Total amount: $ 1.320.000