Urban and rural public woodland – Greenhouse and production of plants

Description of the Problem:

The locality has a main plaza “Libertad” formulated by four blocks; in the N-S sector one can find the principal road of entry to the locality, which is two-way Street separated by an ample boulevard that contains a scarcity of trees and shrubbery. The quadrants of the East side, South side, make up the children´s Park, with games and pathways with trees. The N.E sector is found building the “integrating park” with gym equipment and pathways for individuals with any kind of reduced mobility. The sectors alongside O.N-S contain the Civic Patio, which has trees of different species in the open space of its pathways.

Considering the extension of it, which to its outlines reaches eight hundred meters, as well as the disposition of the plaza; is born originating from the locality since 1894. It has always been outlined and encompassed with trees. As consequence of the passing of time and environmental hardships, there has been a loss of multiple of these trees.

Other sectors, as well, small plazas (five) in different parts of the locality are lacking a proper forestry in accordance to its dimensions.

Of the streets that make up the 256 blocks, some have trees and currently there are new neighbourhoods being constructed that are lacking plants of any sort.      

The entry route to the locality must be contained with trees and adhere of the Provincial Program of the planting of trees in rural areas as well as rural roads.

General Objective:

Complete the public urban and rural woodland as a way to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

Comprehends the following factors within the community:
a)       Protects its people from solar radiation in the summer season
b)      Elevated temperatures, flooding and drought are combined to create adequate conditions for the flourishing of rats and mosquitoes, as well as other pests, which are disease carriers.
c)       The increase of gases that promote the greenhouse effect cause drastic changes in the atmosphere which affects water supplies, the purity of the air, the agriculture of an area and resources of energy.
d)      Plants and animals perish or are transported to other habitats, when the ecosystem which they depend on to survive is threatened.
e)       While climate change affects the ways of life, even human beings will have to migrate.
f)       The economy of the area is directly linked with the consequences of climate change. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods that affect great portions of an area, leaving vast quantities of hectares with no production cause the increase in costs of livestock agriculture, from which the production of food is dependent on.

Resolution Strategy:

•         Build a greenhouse for the initial work of the production of young plants.

•         Provide a space for the development of the plants in the soil directly.

•         Obtain young plants, in particular of a native kind, from the Provincial Environmental Secretary. As well as obtain seeds to initiate their production from start.

•         Disclose the places in which the trees obtained will be planted, as a start, there will be 150 placed per year, project which will be developed throughout 10 years, determining the production and placing of 1.500 plants.

•         This activity shall be shared with students of the different school facilities: Centro Educativo J. B. Alberdi; Instituto Sagrado Corazón; I. P. M y A. Orientación Agropecuaria; C. E. I. C. A. Centro de Educación Integral; CENMA y CENPA (Educational Centers for Adults).

•         Organize a schedule for the caring and attention done by the employees for the proper development of the planted species.

•         Acquire the necessary equipment for the construction of the greenhouse.

•         Acquire the working tools:

-          Motor Cultivater

-          3 wheelbarrows

-          1 wagon to move the plants

-          Manual tools: 3 shovels, 3 hoses, 3 rakes, 3 picks, sprinkler-etc, hoses for watering (25 mts)


Requested amount: $ 144.307,75

Municipal input: $ 101.500

Counterpart inputs: $ 48.500

Total amount: $ 294.307,75

Contact:  rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Melanie Randle