Happy old folks and kids taking care of environment

Issue description:

The retirement home “happy grandparents” takes after 26 elderly people. This institution has an extremely high budget in natural gas during winter time, that rises to over AR$4000. A very high amount for this kind of institution.

We have to highlight the amount of organic waste that is made diary is incredibly high. In addition to the one made by the lunchroom where 38 needed kids have lunch. In both institutions the organic waste isn’t treated and is thrown all together with all the rubbish.

General objective:

Provide the retirement home with an anaerobic digester which will contribute to reduce the institution gas consumption and give an accurate treatment to the organic waste that is generated. In addition, both institutions will classify the rubbish generated in order to get it treated in the anaerobic digester.

Regarding the produced compost, the commune will pack it to be commercialized in markets and events organized by the commune. The earned income will be designated to the lunchroom.

This joint work between elderly people and school kids, will contribute to the project empowerment, promoting in them a belonging feeling, and will raise awareness about environmental care.

Resolution strategy:

An anaerobic digester will be installed in the retirement home “happy grandparents”, which will recycle organic waste generated by this institution and the lunchroom for needed kids “Emanuel”. This waste will be retired and handed to the digester diary by Chabás commune personnel.

The produced compost will be commercialized by the lunchroom “Emanuel”, to get incomes for the institution.


Amount requested: $ 150.000

Municipality: $ 72.000

Total amount: $ 222.000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Valentina Stricci