Anaerobic digestion treatment for organic waste

Problem Description:

Crespo, one of the mostimportant work lines of the municipality, counts with almosttwenty years’ experience with waste management, moreoverbeingpart of the MunicipalityArgentinian Network againstClimate Change.

In 1997, the Plant for Municipal SolidWaste Management was created. Later in 2010, a division of land was established in front of the mentioned Treatment Plant, and even if it is legallyfeasible, it is environmentallyinadequatedue to the bad smells and greaterproliferation of certainpests in the area, which is currentlyresidential.

The present project aimsatthe development, optimization and the start of a bio digester, with the goal of achieving a renewable energy solution, providing value added to the organic matter at source, which reduces the environmental impact and increasinglycontributes to diminish the GHGs emissions.

This bio-digesterwouldclose the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) local circuit, since that for more than fifteen years the householdwaste has beenseparated at the origin location, recycling part of the inorganicseparation, but only chemicallytreating the rest. This project wouldcomplement the rest of the process since it provides an integral treatment for the organicwaste in order to mitigate the impact of the final waste, but also it wouldreusepart of it to generate diverse sub-products.

Additional to alreadymentionedtechnologicalobjective and its evident environmental impact, the knowledge transfer of the new processes will be appropriated by the society of Crespothrough massive diffusions and workshops, grating the sustainability and feasibility of the project. This is due to fact that afterstarting the bio-digester, and in accordance with the specificationsdetermined by the MSW analysis of the city, a constant monitoring will be needed and periodicimprovementsince the demographic and lifestyle changes will demand possiblescalechanges such asimprovements in the processes.

General Objectives:

To finish the relocation of the MSW Treatment Plant, implementing new technologies to mitigate the negative impacts for the environment and society.

To improve the quality of life of the neighbours, mainly the ones that live in front of the Treatment Plant.

To reduce air pollution by diminishing the gas emission to the environment, controlling the perception of bad smells and diminishing the greenhouseeffect.

To Avoid the proliferation of pests and vectors.

To implement technology that producesrenewable energy and byproducts that add value at source to organic matter.

Resolution Strategy

The project was presented at the Federal council of Science and Technology and its approval is awaited in order to finish the first stage.

The second stage, which consists in the transformation of gas to electric power is the one proposed in this budget.

The strategyused is to continue and boost the separation of waste at source, through talks at schools, advertisement as itsbeing done until today, adding the importance that it represents to the right operation of the bio-digester.


Solicited amount: $ 205.000

Municipality Contribution: $ 60.000

Total Amount: $ 265.000

Translator: Valeria Calvas