A concerned and busy town

Description of the problem:

There are currently two open rubbish dumps in Centeno. Both are named as “macro- rubbish dumps” as they have got 1 hectare each, with trash generated over many years and great extent of contamination in the underground water layer, which makes them highly dangerous for the whole community. In addition, a critical point is marked since next to them there are approximately 30 houses in a radius smaller than 100 meters.
Several fires have been registered in both rubbish dumps, not to mention the serious harm to human health and the air pollution that the fires entail.

This initiative would crown the "Cleaner Centeno" program, which includes urban reforestation with native species, the creation of an inclusive nursery and the control of agrochemical applications in the peri-urban area. It should be noted that a project like this one has never been done in Centeno.

General objective:

To impact ecologically through a Center of Final Disposition on the society of Centeno, articulating strategies of local development with positive actions on the environment. The citizens will be encouraged to be actively involved in the development of the project since part of it is due to their claims for the current situation described above. This participation will be achieved through environmental education and through the opportunity of providing employment that this project contemplates.

Besides, the project is also expected to reduce the volume of household waste generated, to raise awareness in the community about the importance of separating and recycling solid urban waste, to generate green jobs and finally, to establish the continuity over time of the lines of action of the "Cleaner Centeno".

Strategy for resolution:

The Town Hall has a land of its property where the Center of Final Disposition will be installed. The construction of a shed has been proposed on that land. The shed would house a small conveyor belt for the separation of waste (they would be previously separated into organic and inorganic, from the homes of the town) with containers for each of the different types of waste (plastic, glass, cardboard, fabrics, etc.).

The current urban recuperators will be in charge of carrying out this work, thus joining the green jobs proposal.
The inorganic residues will be commercialized and in this way, the center will be self-supporting.

From the organic waste, it is expected to obtain compost, which will be used in the inclusive nursery (it will not be used in aromatic plants or vegetables destined for human consumption, as established by SENASA). It will also be delivered to the neighbors making an eco-exchange (they will deliver inorganic waste and in exchange they will get a bag of compost) in order to raise ecological awareness and to promote the dissemination that this task requires.

The intention to specify the treatment of each inorganic residue is contemplated. In addition, a special container to place the urban classified solid waste (known as ‘punto verde estacionario’) is planned to be installed in the town square.


Amount requested: $ 1,500.00

Contributions Town Hall: $ 170,000

Total amount: $ 1,670,000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net