Create capacities and energetic efficiency

Brief description of the Project:

- On the first hand, organizing different workshops – courses and meetings to promote knowledge and skills for suitable people, technicians and professionals that contribute to the implementation and spreading of the development of renewable energies”

- On the second hand, this formation also aims to have safer and more efficient installations that guarantee people’s life quality and decrease alternative and conventional energy consumption.

- Since the 1st January 2017 with the implementation in the Local Government of the Electricians and Auditors Register – which requires having completed the ongoing training–, the Electric Company of Venado Tuerto does not give any gauge if it is does not appear previously in the register.

- This programme also aims to generate new sources of employment, encouraging the development of innovative programmes that give rise to new technological products compatible with renewable energies.


Amount request: $ 675.00

Municipality: $ 425.000

Total amount: $ 1.100.000