Art and its different manifestations, as an efficient medium for the itinerant education, about the conscious use of electricity and clean energy generation

Problem Description:

The energetic matrix of most European countries, and Chile and Uruguay, has a high percentage of Clean Energy.

Our country, like many in Latin America, has an energetic matrix where the percentage of clean energy does not reach 1,9%. Most part of our population have not become aware of this problem yet, and that is why we consider that art, and its different ways of expression, can be a medium for the diffusion and education about how to consciously use electric energy, and the existence of other means of production, like the ones our ancestors used, different to the conventional ways, where they live and that generate local occupation.

General Target:

Producing different types of shows (theatre – dances – musicals) and expositions (Plastics – Paintings) where energy’s use and generation is the main motto or message.

Generating an itinerant group or groups, to offer said shows in different schools, neighborhoods or clubs.

Possessing an adapted bus, with a stage, to be able to move the shows from one place to another.

Propitiating games that educate people about energy squandering, which we are responsible of on a daily basis.

Resolution Strategy:

The creation of a work team, compromised and interactive, integrated by representatives of the different organizations and entities that make it up.

The training of such to perform the different roles that this proposal requires.

The contact with different art schools or independent groups, to make them know of the proposal, so they can generate their own propositions and develop them.

The availability of rooms and spaces in different spots in the city.

The transformation of a bus into a show room, with its stage, sound and illumination.


Amount requested: $ 375.000

Municipality: $ 285.00

Total amount: $ 660.00