Technological Improvements for Environmental Cleanliness and Access to Sustainable Energies

Description of the issue:

Both increasing tourism in the region and demand for access to natural spaces with water areas for recreation purposes compel communities to receive training, render services and provide opportunities that are environmentally sustainable. Cosquin is a city that hosts one million tourists squeezed during the month of the folklore festival, which becomes a determinant factor to consider an inclusive city with protected natural spaces and with a river, which is cultural and natural heritage.

The landscape features have outstanding qualities, but the disorganized services offer results in visitor’s not staying. In turn, job opportunities are lacking, which triggers a migration and uprooting process, frequently evidenced by young adults. Most of the young who finish secondary school decide to leave so as to complement their graduate or undergraduate education, or to search for job opportunities.

General aim:

• To contribute to the improvement of the standard of living of the inhabitants and to the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Reserve as of the development of actions that promote sustainable development of tourism, at the same time providing a space prepared for purposes of education and encouragement of good environmental practices.

• To prepare a municipal space, located on the river bank of Cosquin River, within Río Yuspe Cosquin Reserve, as Environmental Classroom or Environmental Cultural Center or Multi- Purpose Room.

• To include young adults as workers in tourism in town.

• To prepare an area that evidences good practices as regards the environment.

• To strengthen, as regards organization, groups of young adults who have initiatives related to citizen participation and economic enterprises, by offering training and advice.

• To integrate inter-institutional actions that consolidate regional tourism.

• To establish local criteria as regards a regional touristic offer, under the framework of cultural and sustainable tourism, as of a community creation of a tourism and land management plan.

• To install devices to publicize the touristic product and its environmental elements.

Resolution strategy:

Theoretical and practical workshops will be carried out for the community in the Cultural Center of Environmental Management, with the purpose of creating green employments related to clean energies, such as photovoltaic, solar hot-water tanks, and biodigestors. For such purpose, trained personnel will be hired to render the workshops, and supplies and materials for the construction will be purchased. As pilot test, the intention is to install certain equipment, to be determined whether photovoltaic or solar hot-water tank, in the physical space where the workshops will be rendered and to promote the market of clean energies in the city, so as to encourage, in a progressive manner, the use of equipment that replaces the traditional energy system. Communication will be a highly essential pillar for the implementation of this project, so fliers and didactic material will be prepared in order to complement the workshops and the paradigm shift as regards renewable energies.


Amount requested: ARS 510,000

Contribution from the Municipality: ARS 97,000

Total amount: ARS 607,000


Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas