Solar hotwatertanks in households and municipal offices of the Munipiality

Description of the Problem:

The general objective of this project is to rationalize the use of conventional energy, create conscience regarding its use through efficiency of energy and new technologies propelling the advantageous use of renewable energies.

In this manner, it also seeks to encourage private and particular parties for the construction of households that incorporate the concept of alternative energy sources in its new buildings.

General Objectives:

• Promote the service of sanitary hot water in households and municipal offices in the location of Oro Verde.
• Generate considerable economic savings in the heating of water for sanitary use.
• Incorporate in its users the technical, logical reasoning regarding the benefits granted by the use of solar thermal technology in domestic and institutional consumption.
• Incorporate solar thermal technologies for the heating of water in diverse municipal buildings in light of transmitting to its employees the efficiency of the solar resource.
• Promote renewable energies
• Incentivise the saving and efficient use of energy.

Resolution Strategy:

The aim of this project is to install 10 solar hot water tanks in 10 low economic resource households in the Municipality of Oro Verde, as well as seeks to place 5 hot water tanks in Municipal offices.

In parallel, its proposition is to inculcate the culture, knowledge and technological transfer on the rational use of energy encouraging the commencement of innovative and environmental jobs, propelling the development of renewable energy sources of easy access for domestic use.

In addition to the installation of these apparatuses, it foresees the training of municipal employees and professional local staff (plumbers, gas specialist and electricians) for the subsequent installation and maintenance of the renewable energy equipment. 


Requested amount: $ 287.450

Municipal input: $ 127.000

Total amount: $ 414.450


Translator: Melanie Randle