Manufacture of ecological firewood

Issue description:

To the GIRSU plan, which started in 1997, some actions have been added to decrease the amount of waste thrown in open air rubbish dump. Still nowadays nothing has been determined about what to do with the pruning of public trees and the exceeding wood of the carpentries and stairs manufacturers of the commune. This waste are thrown in this dumps, making very likely to turn into occasional or premeditated fires, that affects the security of houses, animals and crops around the damp.

Fuel consumption and tractors wear away that take waste to the damps (that are 5 kilometers away) rise to 800 kilometers per month (4 daily trips, 20 days a month).

This pruning wastes could be turn into energy, contributing to motivate the commune growth.

INTI specialists have designed a proposal that has already been implemented successfully and is ready to be transferred to other communes.

General objectives:

Generate new jobs in the fabrication of ecological wooden briquettes or pellets that will be used for heating.

Reduce the number of trips to the dumps.

Reduce greenhouse effect gases produced by the improper management of this kind of waste.

Improve the family economy for those houses lacking of natural gas. Reduce operative costs of the steam boilers of the fours factories located in the commune.

Solution strategy:

•        Acquire a chipping machine

•        Acquire a briquette making machine and its annexes

•        Capacitation for the future briquette making workers

•        Construct a shed and platform to locate this machinery

•        Marketing capacitation for its commercialization

•        Collect logs and branches separately and take them to the recycling plant.

•        Manufacturing the briquettes

•        Packaging and commercialization strategies


Amount requested: $ 837.400

Municipality: $130.725

Total amount: $ 968.125


Translator: Virginia Stricci