Urban solid waste valorization plant

Description of the problem:

Having carried out a diagnostic evaluation of the situation through which the municipality crosses, having an open landfill, it has been determined as public policy to strengthen the management within this area that is It finds directly affecting the community and the environment.

Within the evaluated we can highlight the efforts that the municipality has been putting on the issue of home separation of solid waste, educating the community in all its fields and institutions since the year 2011, which has had a good acceptance and adaptation of the citizens but is insufficient to give answers to them with the subsequent work we have been doing from the municipality regarding the treatment of waste; Since the people separate, the municipality collects in a differentiated way, the sanitary waste is treated adequately but it is necessary to give shape to the resolution of the organic residue and the recyclable material.

The municipality recently acquired a plot adjacent to the current landfill with the effective idea of shutting it down. But we also have the need to close the space for the new waste recovery plant, to get the drinking water, the electric current/Photovolt equipment. Given the large amount of green material collected we also need a chipeadora to disk to reduce the volume of the same and give added value, as well as a tyre splitter because in the locality there are many tires in disuses because in There is a significant number of cargo-carrying vehicles.

General Objective:

Contribute to the mitigation of greenhouse gases and the health of the community as a whole.

The acquisition of the shed to install the press with which the municipality already counts would help to the good performance of the workers in shelter of the weather, as well as the material previously separated by the personnel and then pressed, which will allow us To comply in time and form with the treatment of the waste generated by the inhabitants. Result that would directly affect a clean, sustainable and environmentally livable city ecosystem, crowning the line of good practices of street sweeping, differentiated collection, controllers in application of phytosanitary and Of changes from conventional to led luminaires, which we have been working on.

Starting the MSW valuation plant would also mean generating green jobs from the municipality; Optimized  the use of general waste,  being able to expand to treat those of neighboring localities in a certain time and to obtain in this way added value resulting from the later sale of the material previously recycled.

Strategy of resolution:

It is considered to address in an integral way the different aspects and complexity that involves the treatment of the waste generated by a commune of medium to small scale that has residuals of character domiciliary, of a broad spectrum of businesses and small industrial enterprises. In particular the latter because there is no industrial park as such, they are treated as general waste.

As a strategy solving the implementation of a waste recovery plant that allows us to resolve the aforementioned.

In turn, the fact of having the same will leave us with the passing of time, to adopt treatments for certain specific waste generated in our locality.

By having these facilities it allows us to demonstrate the effort that it means to maintain the healthy environment through the treatment of the waste generated and serves as a catalyst for the inhabitants of the commune to become increasingly involved in the adoption of Good practices that allow to facilitate the final treatment of the MSW generated.


Amount requested: $ 3.791.176,27

Municipality: $ 1.971.440,00

Total amount: $ 5.762.616,27

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net