Changing the energy of public buildings

Description of the problem:

As public entity we feel the need to be promoters and example of a rational and responsible use of the available energy, to contribute in a forceful way to the care of the environment, looking with them the welfare of the Society as a whole.

General Objective:

The town of Caseros is in the process of mitigating the damage caused to the environment in different fields of action. That is why we work continuously in the search for new and better tools or strategies that contribute to the care of the environment. With the adoption of this new technology the municipality seeks to generate clean and environmentally friendly energy, to be consumed by all public buildings. To be an example in the region in the care and rational use of energy and to function as sensitizing agents of the importance of caring for our environment, a task that aboca all citizens.

Resolution strategy.

As already mentioned, since the municipality has worked in a incipient and constant way in the search for better use and care of energy, this project seeks a radical change in the use of energy in all spaces and public environments. It will be sought to implement a photovoltaic system in each of the public buildings capable of supplying the total of the electric energy consumed by this one.

The calculations are presented in order to dimension the installation of a solar photovoltaic equipment connected to network in the installations belonging to public distributions of the municipality of the city of Caseros, province of Entre Rios.

The same will be distributed in the different public entities according to the demand of each one and where there is disposition of place for its installation.

based on the demand data contained in the electric service billings, provided, an annual demand estimate was made and a photovoltaic generation scheme was dimensioned for each one, in such a way that it maximizes the cost/benefit ratio of the installation.

Different solar teams were designed to be able to solve this annual energy consumption, they generate and inject to the network in hours of the day.


Requested amount: $1.538.979

Aportes Municipios $100.886

Total amount: $ 1.639.865