In the last years, the use of bicycles as means of transport or for sports and leisure practice has been significantly increasing. The combination of the cycle practice and tourism has given rise to a new sustainable mode respectful with the environment called “cycle-touring.”

The proposal consists of discovering the environment of both cities, walking through their seafronts, crossing their bridges; developing paths, rural and seaside roads. All of these and more offers this healthful option. That sport and leisure activity allows people to enjoy nature and fresh air, which is growing at gigantic steps and calling amateur cyclists who have the necessity of wheeling without competitive ends.

The following document states the intention of the Tourism Direction of Patagones and the Tourism Undersecretary of Viedma of promoting leisure activities in our seaside environment.

This activity also contributes to the development and impulse of encouraging to the realization of eco-touristic activities geared towards families, which connect to the natural environment in pursuit of its valuation and conservation.


To improve the tourist offering with the objective of increasing competitiveness between destinations and offering tourists an offer adequate to their necessities and demands.


Considering the precedent statements, the project aims to provide an ecological, economic and sustainable service with the placement of bicycle stations or bicy-stations in order to take one of them and be able to travel to both cities without damaging the environment and the ecosystem.

For that reason, it is being thought about the construction of two bicy-stations, one located at the Tourist Information Office in Carmen de Patagones and the other at the Undersecretary of Tourism in Viedma, where people could take and return bicycles in one as well as the other.

As means of enrolling for the loan of a bicycle, it would be used a section in web pages of both municipalities as well as count with a physical space available in the cities or inside both municipalities so as to make easier the procedure in which a person inform and enroll without a cost those who do not use the Internet

In pursuit of working together, it arises the need of facilitating the access to information through:
- Management practices.
- Leisure meeting for the practice in fields that instructors offer to learn to master a bike and to enjoy of its utilities with a full contact with nature.
- Identification of the place: to determine the tours to be chosen, with easy access, and that cover unusual and rarely visited circuits so as to be in constant closeness with nature.
- Promoting promenades: making banners on social networks and information leaflets with images of the appeals and circuits in which can be seen the path.
- To integrate the local population: to make aware and inform the different local media and in social networks about the project so as to make inhabitants want to take part in it.
- Field test: before initiating the activity, it will be performed a walk as a test, which could be done by local cyclists and volunteer participants so as to positively and negatively review the route.


20 bicycles of mountain bike type $14.000 (each) Total: $280.000
20 bicycle helmets $1000 (each) Total: $20.000
20 bicycle locks $400 (each) Total: $8.000
The making of the bike path Total $800.000