Acquisition of LED luminaires for public buildings

Description of the problem:

It is public knowledge that LED illumination saves energy from 50 to 80 % compared with conventional illumination, given this it is imperative to reduce emissions of GEI and costs.

LED devices don't contain mercury (common light bulbs contain tungsten and fluorescent tubes contain mercury, both highly toxic components), this makes the recycling and final deposing processes simpler and less hazardous. In addition to this, said type of lamps don't emit infrared or ultraviolet radiations, so they're not harmful to people's health.

Leds illumination have a use period of 50.000 hours in comparison to the 20.000 hours of a conventional lamp, which makes it a much more efficient alternative.


To spread the use of alternative and sustainable energy sources, that help reduce global warming.

To raise awareness about environmental care and the small actions we can make to help.

To save up an important amount of energy for municipality dependences.

Resolution strategy:

Changing illumination in 800 public buildings to replace them with LED systems. Said LED illuminations will be installed on the Hospital Municipal, CAPS, Municipalidad de Salilequio, Biblioteca Municipal, Planta de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos and the Delegación Municipal in Quenumá.

Public buildings are places the whole community has access to, that's why it's important for them to be an example I'm environmental care awareness campaigns driven by the Dirección del Medio Ambiente.


Solicited amount: $1.440.000

Municipality input: $100.000

Total Amount: $ 1.540.000


Translator: Luana Ferrari