Solar Charging Stations for public spaces

Problem's description:

The energetic crisis is a reality in our country consequently, we should turn to clean sources of renewable energy, such as solar.

Regrettably, elevated costs and distrust on the functioning, are some of the main issues in the implementation. Accordingly, governments should take concrete actions promoting this energy, easily accessible to everyone, and demonstrate the performance of it.

Therefore, Patagonia's municipalities might support wind energy as well as those who are benefited with the access to the sun should aim to capitalize it to produce energy.
In Justiniano Posse there are different actions being done to promote the reduction in energy consumption, it is projected that by 2019, 100% of public lights will be LED lights, made in our community.

General Objective:

The objective of the project is the installation of solar stations en four (4) strategic public spaces. Each solar station will be composed by one solar water heaters and one solar panel, with this, the neighbors could obtain hot water from the solar water heaters, and charging multiple mobile devices by the solar panel.

As described, we want to provide a service to the community as well as to generate spaces of community meetings, even more, to provide support to solar energies in proving its performance.

Resolution's strategy:

We aim to install four (4) solar stations, in order to cover democratically and fairly between all neighborhoods, in this layout: one in San Martin square, one in Manuel Belgrano Square, and two on different points in the Walk of the Railway.


Requested amount: $ 292.976,00

Amount given by the Municipality: 100.000,00

Counterparty: $30.000,00

Total Amount: 422.976,00

Contact :

Translator: Stefania Gherbassi