Sustainable public lighting

Description of the problem

Caseros is a growing locality, which is why every day the pedestrian and vehicular traffic of the citizens and people of Paso is increasing. To make better use of the available electrical capacity, we need a more efficient system in terms of performance, quality of service and environmental impact.

We think and act to evolve technologically oriented to make a responsible and sustainable use of the available electrical capacity.

With this alternative and feasible proposal (knowing that it has sufficient solar radiation) to illuminate these public spaces with photovoltaic energy. We propose the installation of solar plants as power supply of the electrical system of public lighting.

General Objective:

The town of Caseros is in the process of mitigating the damage caused to the environment in different fields of action.

It is already underway an important work consisting of replacement of high pressure sodium vapour lighting by LED technology, which allows us to save up to 60% energy consumption. Providing a variety of advantages, such as a lower cost of maintenance and a better quality of service.

Similarly, the municipality wants to further deepen the energy savings and the rational use of the same by implementing a solar system on-grill for the generation of electricity in order to cover the energy demand from the system Public lighting of the locality.

Thus contributing to a non-renewable source energy saving of 100% in this way significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to meet the objectives proposed by the national government. We intend to be an example and motivation in the area and the Department, an instrument of education and learning.

Resolution strategy:
As already mentioned, since the municipality has worked in a incipient and constant way in the search for better use and care of energy, this project seeks a radical change in the use of energy in all spaces and public environments.

The project consists of the installation of 10 solar farms whose generation will supply energy to the entire public lighting of the city.

The following will develop a financial analysis of the system, contemplating costs of acquisition of the equipment installation of the same benefits obtained etc.

The calculations are presented in order to dimension the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment connected to the network to supply the demand for public lighting (AP) in the city of Caseros, province of Entre Rios.

the same will be distributed in areas of the city close to the demand and where there is disposition of place for its installation.

Based on AP demand data, an annual demand estimate was made and a photovoltaic generation scheme was dimensioned in such a way that it maximizes the cost/benefit ratio of the facility.


Amount request: $ 7.650.000

Municipality: $ 400.000

Others: $ 50.000

Total amount: $ 8.100.000