Solar Thermal Heating.

Description of the problem:

Today the consumption of electric energy is constantly increasing. On the one hand, it presents us with certain environmental issues that result from the use of fossil fuels for its generation, such as the increase of greenhouse gas emissions and the loss of non-renewable resources. On the other hand, it constitutes a social problem given the increased energy charges that many families cannot afford. In addition, not every family has access to natural gas which creates a problem with winter heating.

That is the reason why our aim is to implement a programme of energy efficiency, promoting new technologies of renewable energy, for the installation of solar heating panels and water heaters.

General Objective:

The overall goal is to equip the households of Carlos Tejedor district with the systems of heating and water heaters based on the thermal solar energy.  It would decrease the consumption of conventional electric energy and gas, avoiding environmental contamination.

At the same time, this should be accompanied by the increase in general awareness of the energy saving.

Resolution Strategy:

Currently, the gas network is saturated and the new connecting sleeves are not opened. This urges the new, mainly social, constructions to change their heating systems to electric ones. As a result, it contributes to the energy tariffs crisis that today affects electric and natural gas bills.

The project contemplates the installation of 10 solar water heaters in the households of the peripheral areas which currently lack the access to the natural gas network. At the same time, it is planned to install 5 solar water heaters in the dependencies of the Municipality.The technicians involved will be trained together with the teachers and students of the Escuela Técnica Nº1.

At the same time, the campaigns will be implemented to raise awareness of the rational use of renewable energy in the domestic environment and to stimulate the emergence of new entrepreneurs that would drive new initiatives in renewable energy use.


Amount Requested: AR$ 290.000

Municipality Contribution: AR$ 50.000

Total Amount: AR$ 340.000


Translator: Victoria Yuzova