A whole town illuminated by the sun. Led street lightening

Issue description:

Electric energy has turned into a basic need for the human beings, but awareness about its conservation and polluting effects has not grown in the same proportion. The solution to this problem is not only in how individual save electricity, but also in how local governments do. Arteaga commune has made an inventory of greenhouse effect emissions locally generated by different areas (public administration, commercial sector, industry, agro sector and residential), to be able of compose it own Climate Action Local Plan.

According to this inventory, Energy and agriculture and cattle industry sectors are the ones that produce the largest amount of emissions, with 54,88% and 41,83% each. In the Energetic sector, although residences are the most emission producers, the street lightening is one of the basic components in municipal energy consumption. Because of this, this project has started, to replace the former street lightening for efficient luminous sources based on LED technology, intending to go on in the project with a second step, which consists in supply the street lightening net wit solar energy, throughout the installation of a photovoltaic farm.

General objective:

Most of the countries all around the world are wagering on solar energy with LED technology usage for public lightening due to it great benefits in energy consumption, lightening quality and lacking of contaminating components in it. The objective is to achieve a saving in electric energy consumption of street lightening. Also, is intended to reduce pollution by reducing the toxic components wasted, such as mercury included in sodium lamps that are thrown away every two and a half year approximately, and to reduce the thermal impact that contributes to global warming, due to it low heat emission that LED lamps have.

Solution strategy:

Under the net metering scheme, 1000 photovoltaic solar panels of 200 watts each will be installed in a piece of land prepared for this end, provided by the commune, to produce electricity in volumes that compensates the consumption of the street lightening. The photovoltaic panels will be arranged on structures and photovoltaic inverters will be installed too. If more electricity is produced than the needed, this extra will be driven to the general electric grid. On the other hand, when the solar panels are not producing energy, this will be taken from the general electric grid. All the electricity injected by the solar panels or taken from the electric grid will be counted by a two ways counter,


Amount requested: $ 13.725.000

Muniicipality: $ 13.300.000

Total amount: $ 21.775.000

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Traslator: Valentina Stricci