We started to save energy from the State

Problem description:

Since ancient times, human beings have wanted to improve their surroundings, searching for efficient solutions for the problems that are generated by the daily life of everyone. In this way, through creativity and innovation, society has moved forward. One of the problems Humankind had to respond was the need for illumination.

From the primitive fire our ancestors formed by the friction of stones to the LED technology, people have always need a source of light.

The problem is centered in the excessive consumption of energy for lighting and the permanent demographic growth. As a consequence of this situation, our population suffers of continuous energy cuts.


To save, to be more efficient and innovate in public lighting as a way to foster energy saving through an initiative of the local administration and offering a safety measure against power outages.

Resolution Strategy:

The plan has three phases:

• Renovation of all the public lighting from sodium bulbs to LED.

• Installation of solar panels (at least, in one light per block) to offer security

• Installation of LED technology in Santa Clara neighborhood, where there is no public lighting service.


Amount requested: $ 8.836.157

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Nancy Lago