Enhancing sustainable, maintainable and healthy mobility

Problem Description_

In our city there is a drainage system out of service due to the expansion on land used for agricultural tasks. This generates a space defined by the trace of these drains that isn't used for any purpose, remaining as a residual zone,lacking life, with a propitious destination to usurpation and clandestine dumps that demand maintenance for sanitary reasons an important feature that not give any benefit.

Also, it should be noted that a large part of the population living in the surrounding areas, uses non-motorized vehicles to go to work.

General Objective:

The project proposes the creation of a bicycle lane in the area of the old drainage system out of service to promote alternative transport as a mean of mobility, according to a sustainable development plan underway and also to recover a space out of use that can be helpful as a direct access to the city for locals and neighbors of surrounding areas.
In addition, the project also proposes to create recreational sports spaces, such as the CAFI and places of complementary physical activities promoting the culture of sport and healthy life.

Resolution Strategy:

The bicycle lane construction presents the opportunity to reuse this "residual" space by incorporating it into the city gradually in company with the expansion process in the planned framework.

At the same time, the space recovered will play a fundamental role in the runoff pluvial surface, cooperating with a large sector of the city and relieving the network of ditches existing in the consolidated urban areas, as well as becoming a direct access to the city which will promote physical activity and sustainable mobility.


Amount requested: $ 15.558.289

Municipality: $ 21.318.974,80

Total amount: $ 36.877.263,80

Contact: rbertolino@ramcc.net

Translator: Elizabeth León