Energy efficiency in clubs

Problem description:

As the result of the price increase in energy and gas fees, sport clubs had to face a lot of financial issues, since they found themselves in the need to allocate a bigger percentage of their budgets for the payment of these services.

It is important to remark that most of the jobs in these clubs are developed by volunteers, who give away their time for free, so these institutions often lack technical professionals who could develop energy efficiency plans or prevent energy leakage by restructuring the power lines. 

General goal:

This project has a double goal: to reduce the consumption of network electricity and natural gas by the use of renewable energy and to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy through its daily use.

Resolution strategy:

The first step will be to develop a diagnose on the power lines of the sport institutions and a technical feasibility assessment of the installation of solar thermal water heaters in each one of them. In this phase, the active participation of clubs will be necessary, since these institutions will have to assign people to help the professionals to implement an effective assessment.

The second step will be the financial assistance of the municipality for the buying of the needed equipment. As this phase depends on the results of the assessment, it could happen that, in some cases, it would be necessary to implement a restructuring that leads to a more efficient use of the existent equipment, rather than the installation of new ones.

The third step consists in assembling the solar water heaters in each one of the institutions. In this phase, it is important to remark the participation of technical high schools, that will provide the workforce for the setup.


Amount requested: $ 230.000

Municipality: $ 20.000

Others: $ 10.000

Total amount: $ 260.000


Translator: Nancy Lago