Reuse of domestic wastewater

Description of the problem:

One of the most serious environmental issues is the access to water, which plays a vital role in the development of human life, as well as its ever-increasing scarcity to supply the required services.

Due to the growing environmental deterioration and safe drinking water scarcity, though there is a great flow of water that comes from Paraná river, its catchment and treatment is expensive, its distribution and consumption is not steady throughout the urban lands of the city of Resistencia, which is why it should be proposed a system that gathers domestic wastewater generated at dwellings as well as to make people aware of the responsible use of water.

Saving drinking water at home is essential in every community, so as to conserve it, especially in those areas where water service tends to be irregular or non-existent.

Overall objective: 

To build a sustainable dwelling in terms of water use, which not only would benefit the communities of the city of Resistencia but also the environment, so as to try to make the most of natural resources by using equipment adapted to the area, introducing alternative ways of use and reuse of domestic wastewater.

To make people aware of construction works in order to reduce the consumption of drinking water at residencies, since greywater (kitchen, hand washes, showers) would be reused to load the toilet tank causing less consumption and water expenditure, as well as in irrigation systems in green areas.                     

To reduce polluting agents in the natural flow of water, due to the reuse of domestic wastewater and the previous treatment carried out through bio gardening, in which the organic substances that are difficult to be mineralized may be biologically degraded during their infiltration across the garden, and their mineral components will be assimilated by plants in the future.

To save up to 50% drinking water consumption, depending on the local habits and customs, together with economic savings.

Resolution strategy:

To propose specifications to the reuse of domestic wastewater by setting the construction of domestic wastewater pipe system coming from washings (kitchen, hand washes, showers), so as to reuse water and take advantage of this vital resource.

To construct bio gardening with straightforward and easy-to-maintain materials, such as plastic sheets, stones of various sizes, PVC tubes, fat decanters, waterproof tanks and vegetable species that grow between rocks or marshland areas, like papyri, “platanillo” or “heliconias”.

The system consists of making wastewater pass through grease traps and decanters, then across artificial gardens, where the roots of plants reach the water level, acting like biological filters and absorbing organic matter and nutrients through them.

Also, by means of the roots, those plants will allow the oxygen injection in that water causing evapotranspiration.

All this connected to the standard treatment system of sewage of every dwelling, so as to divert the excess to the static or dynamic system depending on the area in which the dwelling is and the rainy season.


Amount requested: $690.000


Translator: Camila Belen Vicente