Lighting the Municipal Building with Solar Panels

Description of the issue:

During the last years, the electric power tariffs have considerably increased, which implies higher budgets aimed at ordinary costs of electric power and a consequence non-attention to the tasks inherent to the Local Authorities as conceived nowadays.

It is important to note, also, that the management and provision of electric power in our town corresponds to Cooperativa de Agua y Otros Servicios Públicos Santa Anita Lda., which causes our electric tariffs to be higher than in other urban centers.

General aim:

The purpose of placing solar panels that supply the municipal building with power is to reduce the fixed costs of electric power so has to have those resources at the time of using them for the community and, in turn, creating conscience for our neighbors as to all positive aspects and advantages that the use of renewable energies such as, in this case, solar energy, entails.

Resolution strategy:

Taking into consideration that the municipal establishment operates during the day shift and that we are located in an area with high solar lighting (an annual average of 7 hours of generation), the placing of solar panels over the roof cover of the municipal building will be proceeded with, thereby installing the corresponding converser and protections so as to provide the network of the building with alternative and renewable energy.


Amount requested: ARS 456,099


Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas