Public Lighting with LED technology

Description of the issue:

Nowadays, Santa Anita Municipality has drinking water service, sewer, public lighting (60%), garbage collection, hospital and educational institutions with primary and secondary level. However, the Municipality has a problem which is common to all urban areas of the country’s inland regions: the public lighting is of sodium vapor of 150W, which implies greater costs for the neighbors, and less lighting.

It is important to note, also, that the management and provision of electric power in our town corresponds to Cooperativa de Agua y Otros Servicios Públicos Santa Anita Lda., which causes our electric tariffs to be higher than in other urban centers.

General aim:

The purpose of incorporating new technology to the current electric consumption is to reduce by 30% the consumption that all neighbors pay for, generating a significant economic benefit. In turn, the proposed changes in public lighting attempt to achieve urban and aesthetical order, which is also better for road traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.

Resolution strategy:

First of all, sodium vapor streetlights of 150W will be removed and placed in the streets that do not yet have this kind of lighting. Sodium vapor streetlights will be replaced with LED streetlights.

The chosen area includes educational institutions, the Church, the public hospital, a nursing home for the elderly, Immigrant’s Square, the municipal building, multi-purpose rooms and the avenues that give access to local downtown. We give priority to this area since it is the one with greater pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Amount requested: ARS 1,203,218


Translator: Valentina Acosta Cambas