Pruning Waste Processing by means of Mechanized Composting Techniques

Description of the issue:

Nowadays, most of the waste arising from and collected by the Municipality of San Miguel are deposited in CEAMSE Landfill. Another part is treated under San Miguel – Conscious City program (San Miguel Ciudad Consciente), which undertakes the recovery of recyclable material of large generators and enclosed neighborhoods, thereby reducing the disposal of such waste in the landfill. According to studies regarding the quality of urban solid waste (USW) (2011), 20% of San Miguel USW corresponds to pruning waste (approximately 20,000 tons). Up to this day, this material is not benefitted from, and it is a potential resource to use as an element for the elaboration of compost or as a source of wood fuel. Sending UGW (Urban Green Waste) to final disposal implies burying an asset with economic value, generating methane emissions as a consequence of its anaerobic decomposition and, on the other hand, reducing the useful life of the landfill.

General aim:

To reduce the final disposal of UGW by using mechanized compost and benefits from solid wood fuels as management tools, so that briquettes and pruning waste are the products obtained.

Resolution strategy:

The project will be located in municipal premises. The process of pruning waste collection is not innovative, since the municipality already has the logistics for this stage. As regards the first stage of the processing, the collection company will undertake the grinding. Part of the material will be transferred to the compost plant, where it will be necessary to process the material a second time with machinery from the municipality.

Afterwards, the material will be piled, giving the corresponding management to the compost process during a period of 3 to 6 months, which will vary because it is a biological process. Turnovers (for which machinery will be required) will be scheduled according to the physical-chemical monitoring system of parameters. Finally, the compost can be winnowed so as to obtain a homogeneous product, which can be used for the re-composition of public areas, as amendment; it can also be donated to NGOs, public well-being entities or interested public. As regards the production of wood fuels, a part of the collected green waste will be processed with the purpose of obtaining briquettes, which will be aimed at the interested public.

In order to achieve the aforementioned, the following elements will be needed:
• 1 open shed.
• 1 sieve.
• 1 removal machine.
• 1 chainsaw.
• Measurement elements (thermometer, pH meter).
• 3 HR.
• Office and storeroom construction.


Amount requested: ARS 920,000


Translator: Valentina Acosta Combas