Educate by afforesting for adaptation

Problem description:

Cerrito is a city of the Province of Entre Ríos, 53 km Norwest from the provincial capital, Paraná, in the Paraná Department. The city is located in an area originally occupied by native forests, mainly of algarrobo, ñandubay and acacia, typical of the Phytogeographical Region of Espinal Enterriano.

This region has been gradually modified from the agricultural activities lead by colonizers by the ending of the 19th century. The progress of the agriculture led to noticeable changes in the forest masses, creating a landscape in mosaic dominated by cultivated patches and relics of forests in gallery.

In the last years, the city of Cerrito and its surroundings have suffered a high pressure from the urban sprawl and the growing population. New streets were open over areas originally dedicated to agriculture and new educational and health centers were constructed without landscaping.

The urbanization process hasn’t included an appropriate afforestation that could help to control the temperature in building fronts and sidewalks in the midday hours.

General goal:

Implement a municipal policy for urban and peri-urban afforestation, through an environmental education program and a sustained afforestation, that ensures the provision, health and the maintenance of the urban trees.

The strengthening of the urban trees system will be designed and planned in the double function of adapting to the climate change, in face of torrential rainfalls, and of mitigation, in face of the growing population and vehicle circulation. 

Additionally, the afforestation of public spaces with native species, besides giving an excellent opportunity for the goal of educating and familiarizing the citizens about the region nature, will generate spaces of natural aesthetic, by assuring a planned afforestation with species of seasonal staggered flowering.

Finally, afforesting parks, schools, cycling lanes, hospitals and other common use spaces of the city of Cerrito will improve the urban landscape and life quality. Also, the population will appreciate the value of the trees and their several benefits.

Resolution strategy:

The program will be designed and executed by the municipality of Cerrito with the articulation and participation of INTA, the Eco Urbano Foundation, the Universidad Nacional de

Entre Ríos (Facultad de Ingeniería Agronómica) the program “Cuidadores de la casa común” and the city’s primary schools.

A diagnosis and inventory of urban and peri-urban trees will be made. This will work as a baseline and starting point to prioritize the areas that require more trees and the species identified as recommended to plant.

Then, the contents and promotion tools will be designed in order to develop a sensitization and environmental education program oriented to students in the municipal schools.

Simultaneously, 500 specimens recommended by the specialists will be acquired.

Finally, communal plantations will be implemented. The urban and peri-urban afforestation will consider the species in accordance to their growing and in function of the type and size of the public spaces.


Amount requested: $ 300.000

Municipality: $ 650.000

Others: $ 360.000

Total amount: $ 1.310.000


Translator: Nancy Lago