Forestation as a mitigation and adaptation measure against climate change

Problem description; 

During the last years, Bell Ville has suffered a lot of damage as the consequence of two tornados and two floods. This clearly shows consequences of climate change, such as the loss of trees.

We believe that the immediate forestation of strategic areas (both urban and peri-urban) will help to diminish the effects of the wind, increase the absorption surfaces and, at the same time, capture carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

General goal:

Contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of the climate change, through the planting of 4000 trees and, by this mean, decrease the winds effects in the urban area, capture carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

Resolution strategy:

Planting and maintenance of 4000 trees in a period of 2 years. The selected species, mainly casuarinas, are of fast growing, good soil anchoring, abundant foliage and considerable height. These features let them become windbreaks.

For the banks of the Ctalamochita river, different varieties of willows have been selected. This species develops roots that help damming the gullies. It is also important to note down that their leaves, mainly perennial, will emit oxygen and capture carbon dioxide.


Amount requested: $ 1.510.000

Municipality: $ 2.190.000

Total amount: : $ 3.700.000


Translator: Nancy Lago