Sustentable Park

Description of the issue:

The following project comes from the need to start transmitting the concept of sustainability through the public sphere, nowadays it's necessary to promote habits and tools that go along with this project, being so, the theme park will count with said materials.

General Goal:

The project's goal is to achieve a conscious population in relation to environmental care, informing on the different renewable energy sources, the efficient use of natural resources, like using rainwater to water trees, and the importance of sacrifice to make healthy foods.
Because of this, this park will count with a wide variety of fruit trees that will provide with fruit to whoever visits the establishment, also informing about the natural characteristics of each species and the specific care they need.

Solving Strategy:

The following project will implement through publicity and education the achievement of a capacitated population on environmental topics, making people participate on said enterprise bringing in their knowledge and work, accomplishing this way a compromise with the people who want to participate in the project.


Amount requested: $ 92.000

Municipality: $ 446.800

Total amount: $ 538.800


Translator: Luana Ferrari