Strengthening the comprehensive urban waste management plan

Description of the problem:

To improve the treatment of residues in our separation plant, which has been functioning since January 2017, we're looking to form a group of capacitated plant operators who can achieve total segregation of the residues that arrive there which are originated in the urban plant.

For this we need the support of different entities and a capacitation system where each person is instructed on an specific chore.

General objective:

Improve the separation system of solid urban residues, optimizing the process.

Resolution strategy

Achieving an efficient separation process which treats all residues daily, a capacitation system on working protocols and security measures will be realized, for this it is required to contact a specialist on hygiene who will lead the program.

Simultaneously, a constant campaign will be carried out through schools and media, which spreads the separation of trash in dry and moist residues, a context that will allow the transformation of trash separating into a more attractive activity, improving the work environment.


Solicited amount: $ 252.000

Council's input: $ 3.125.000

Total amount: $ 3.377.000