Solar Photovoltaic Panels, alternatives for a future that is coming

Issue description:

Due to the energetic crisis that Argentina has, power cutoffs are pretty common. This happen as a result of consumption in excess because of the high temperatures or climate conditions, such as lightnings, rains or wind. As electric energy has become into a essential need in modern life, this cutoffs produce major inconvenient in work, health and communal living.

The discussion alternative energy vs conventional is not only about source of energy classification, but a necessary change that has to be done as soon as possible. Because of this is intended to install solar photovoltaic panels in the community key points to improve the population welfare.

General objective:

With this project is intended to install 31 solar photovoltaic panels in different strategic points of the community, decreasing electric energy demand there.

In every institution a capacitation course will be given in order to raise awareness in the population about clean energy importance, generating new jobs.

In addition, is expected to reduce carbon dioxide and unneeded energetic consumption. Its not about efficient consumption only, but of less consumption, meaning, developing a energetic saving culture and condemn wasting energy.

Resolution strategy:

To solve this problem, is intended to implement in different strategic points of the community photovoltaic panels. This panels will be located over metallic structures in public buildings, schools and parks in many neighborhoods. As our commune has been benefited by the Swiss Embassy by receiving 6 solar immersion heaters destined to schools and hospitals of the commune, accomplishing positive results, is intended to continue adding, fomenting and raising aware about this alternate energies, contributing to energetic saving, benefiting the environment and people welfare.


Amount requested: $ 631.250

Municipality: $ 213.750

Others: $ 20.000

Total amount: $ 865.000

Contact: rbertolino@ramc

Translator: Virginia Stricci