The event "The role of Cities Against Climate Change" took place in Río Cuarto with an important number of attendees.


The opening committee was made up of Juan Manuel Llamosas, mayor of the host city, and Gabriel Musso, mayor of Cosquín. Both expressed their commitment to move forward with public policies that contribute to achieving more sustainable and ecologic cities.

Ricardo Bertolino, Executive Director of the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change, Roberto Bisso, Deputy Secretary of Renewable Energies in Santa Fe province, and Jorge Barral, from the Solar Energy Group of Río Cuarto University, were present in the second panel discussion. Within their speeches, they expressed the importance of working in public policies on renewable energy matters.

The debate was coordinated by the elected Legislator Matías Chamorro and the City Councilwoman of the PS Marilina Gadpen.

Translator: Javier Rodriguez