Santa Fe’s municipality has already replaced more than 6,000 lamps with led technology.


“This is a contribution to urban and road safety, and it means an improvement as regards energy efficiency and the expenditure that the public illumination system requires”, pointed out the intendant, José Corral.

With the objective of improving and making the illumination system of the city more efficient, the municipality has carried out a programme that consists of replacing sodium lamps with new led lamps. As part of the project, during the first six months of 2019, more than 400 devices have been replaced in streets, avenues and public spaces. In this way, 6,000 led devices are added to the list of installed lamps in the capital.

“It is a plan with which we are prioritizing avenues and main streets; and also, those places where there are more problems regarding safety since, led lights, as well as helping detect colours better and having a better illumination quality, contributes to urban and road safety to make people feel better while walking down the street and reduces the amount of possible accidents” said José Corral about the benefits of the illumination system.

Furthermore, the governor pointed out as another advantage that led lights consume a third part of maintenance compared to that from sodium lights, which constitutes a very important difference. “Traditional lights lasted an average of three years and these ones last more than ten years, that means less replacement and, therefore, all our crews can focus on keeping on changing to led technology the rest of the city” added José Corral.

Translator: Sofía Degraf